8th of August

London Porto by bicycle


Showing up on the portuguese newspapers again :D

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Day 2!

Canterbury - boulogne-su-mer


English Breakfast to start the day!


Day 1

"The Beginning"


Thank you every one for all the support

Thank you every one for all the support, waking up in a Saturday morning it is not easy


A small summary of my latest rides

I have done some between 30km and 50km. I have tried to find some objective for every ride such as:

- Cake and tea on a church on the top of a hill

- Find the perfect spot to slacklining (picture bellow)

- Or go to a plant nursery because we need more plants in our house (do we?!! :p)

Today we had to chase an ice-cream van because it seemed to be running away from 4 cyclists that just wanted an ice-cream!!

I do not know about Afonso Liiberal Fernandes, but my training is going really well!

2 months

Our journey will start in 2 months (8th of August). At this time, will be on the road in our way to dover. :D

Nice Weekend

What a nice weekend this one was. The perfect weather to do 95km :D. This time I went from London to Cambridge. On one hand I had the very beautiful landscape accompanying me almost all the way and on the other hand I had some tests to my cyclist skills and endurance:

1 - I had a puncture, but this time I was very well prepared

2 - The chain went off (probably this one should not even be mentioned)

3 - I run out of battery which meant I did not know where I was going and I got lost somewhere near Cambridge at 9 pm. But, the few and kind people I saw on the way helped me get to the destination. :D

Thank you Manuel Berbesi for the company in the first leg.

And, thank you to my Cambridge fan legion for waiting for me in the end. They were represented by Bruno Martins.

Route of Santiago de Compostela

We have just purchased our pilgrim's passport for the Route of Santiago de Compostela. The minimum distance required for purchasing the passport is 200km. I believe we are elligible for one. :D

The pilgrim's passport will give us access to overnight accommodation and some medical support.

Have you done the cycle route to Santiago or know someone that has? We would welcome any sugestions!


And we are on the news!! Antena Lusa Thank you Antena Lusa.pt!


I have another great training to share with you, this time I did 67 km. Who said that London is all flat?!! :D It was the longest and the most difficult ride so far and also very different from the previous ones. A quarter of the journey was done in off road muddy tracks.

The objective of the day was to have cake and tea in 2 different churches. The mission was accomplished! smile emoticon I also learned a lot during this day. My awesome trip companion taught me a lot from how to fix wobbly wheels, hydration required and the good use of gears. But I will tell more about this later.

Rodrigo Liberal

Weekend Training

This weekend I took advantage of the very good weather in London and went for a very slow ride. I cycled about 4 hours on Saturday with Manuel Berbesi and 5 hours Sunday with Ana Francisca Menezes. In between the about 50 km I did Sunday, I saw this half cow half sheep animal :D - Rodrigo

Official Presentation

It is now official. On the 8th of August Rodrigo Liberal and Afonso Liberal Fernandes will cycle from Big Ben (London) to Clérigos Church. About 2000 km in about 2 weeks. We will do this for a cause that will be revealed in the next days. Support us by sharing this with your friends.